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In this blog, we enjoy our time in the kitchen cooking and baking every night after the youngest member of our family has gone to bed. Here I (Katja) share our best creations and most delicious recipes.

We don't stress about food but rather enjoy the creative process and spending time together. Not every dish that we come up with is a hit but the recipes that we share here are the ones that we want to remember and make again.

Besides cooking, baking and eating there's also a lot of laughter and sometimes tears in our kitchen. In our blog posts you can find some of our thoughts about life's big and small questions.

Our Story

We are a Finnish expat family living in London - Katja, Keijo and baby Erik who joined our party in December 2019.

Some of you might have been following our journey since we started in 2017. Back then we only created vegan recipes in an attempt to eat as "green" as possible. And that is still our attempt, to eat a lot of healthy vegetables and "plant based" if you like. However, we are very flexible regarding our diet and today there is occasional dairy, fish and seafood in our recipes too.

So what's happened in the past few years? The unexpected, I would say..

I think it’s safe to say the past few years have been tough, really tough if I’m honest. Some big life events turned out looking somewhat different to what I had expected. The bubble I lived in was definitely bursted and I came face-to-face with life and death (sounds dramatic but that's pretty much what happened). How everything can change in a blink of an eye (like being in a serious bicycle accident) and how you can plan your life to a certain extend but at the end of the day, sometimes the unexpected happens and you are pulled into a reality you didn't choose for yourself (like having a very traumatic birth experience and tough year with the baby - although he’s very cute!).

Life changing experiences that at the time felt like life chattering. And we are not out of the woods yet but then again, are you ever out of the woods in life? I mean, yes, many people get to live “a steady life” with no big traumatic events and I must admit, some days I’m still so bloody jealous of that. However, this year I’ve come to practice gratitude more than ever. And let me tell you, it’s so much easier to feel grateful and use the hashtag on Instagram when everything is as you wanted it to be. Feeling #grateful gets harder when the unexpected happens. Something you didn’t choose for yourself nor have a plan for. Finding gratitude in hard times is a hell of a lot more difficult and what I’ve learned is starting with the little things. Trying to find even just one thing every day that you feel grateful for and then holding on to that. And then repeating that the next day.

Consequently, over the past couple of years I’ve found myself in the kitchen more than ever. Both Keijo and I love good food and that is the one thing I look forward to everyday. Cooking and eating together. So I’ve been cooking and baking like mad and as a result, we’ve been eating some freaking delicious food every day. Yes, every day.. expect when the recipes don’t quite work out the way I planned.. but that’s the unexpected part of cooking which I also enjoy. And without the unexpected you wouldn’t have stories, or new recipes, to share.

I hope some of our recipes might delight your day, and maybe some of our stories remind you that life is not "instagram perfect" but it can still be great.

Much Love

Katja xx

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