Finding health and happiness to balance a busy lifestyle.

The Antidote Kitchen is a platform developed to help busy professionals eat healthy, delicious food and be well, everyday.

We believe in life's simple pleasures, the balancing act and not taking things too seriously, especially not in the kitchen.

On this platform, you can find simple plant-based recipes to help you cook more food from scratch. We also aim to add more resources and give you new ideas to inject moments of happiness into your everyday life.

The 30 Day Vegan is an ebook with a step-by-step meal plan and weekly shopping lists that we developed to help you to add more vegetables into your everyday diet. It helps you to skip the 'what's for dinner?' question for a whole month with over 40 original recipes.

Why plant based recipes? We believe that adding more vegetables to your diet is beyond any fad diets and that preparing food at home from scratch using fresh ingredients is better for you in general. But we are not religious about it so feel free to adjust our recipes to your liking.

About Us

We are a Finnish couple living in London who strive for a healthy, balanced lifestyle regardless of crazy work schedules.

We know what it's like when life gets out of control with work and other commitments and therefore, we advocate a simple approach to healthy, everyday food and wellbeing. We are not certified nutritionists or professional chefs and make no claims to the contrary but rather just food, fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts trying to keep up with it in the big city.

However, it wasn't always like this. It was only in the beginning of 2016 when we decided to make a lifestyle change. Sounds drastic, which it kind of was, but it wasn’t anything complicated. It was more about simplification and focusing on the elements which actually make us feel better. 

In this process, we also started to cook more food at home instead of relying heavily on take-away food. It's been a learning curve, for sure, especially considering that previously neither of us visited our kitchen during weekdays. Not only have we learned how to cook at home using fresh ingredients but also how to do it in a quick, organised manner and actually enjoying the process. And the food!

We are convinced that if we can learn to use our kitchen, anyone can! And you don't even have to stress about it. Our kitchen is a stress-free zone.

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