Welcome to the Antidote Kitchen

Here we enjoy our time in the kitchen cooking and baking every night after the youngest member of our family has gone to bed.

We love creating new recipes and share our best creations here. In our kitchen we don't stress about food but rather enjoy the creative process and spending time together. Not every dish that we come up with is a hit but the recipes that we share here are the ones that we want to remember and make again.

Besides cooking, baking and eating there's also a lot of laughter and sometimes tears in our kitchen. In our blog posts you can find some of our thoughts about life's big and small questions.

Our Story

We are a Finnish expat family living in London. Our baby boy joined our party of two in December 2019 and life got even more exciting (and busy!!) for us.

Some of you might have been following our journey since we started in 2017. Back then we only created vegan recipes in an attempt to eat as "green" as possible. And that is still our attempt, to eat a lot of healthy vegetables and "plant based" if you like. However, we are very flexible regarding our diet and so today there is occasional dairy, fish and seafood in our recipes too.

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