30 DAY VEGAN cookbook and meal plan includes all recipes, weekly meal plans and shopping lists for a full month of vegan diet. All the recipes are 100% plant based and have no added refined sugar.

This book contains over 40 original recipes including smoothies, breakfasts and main courses.

A full month of real food without the hassle. All pre planned for you.

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Interested in a full month of healthy food made of simple ingredients? This digital cookbook will help you to eat vegan food for 30 days without having to plan or stress about it. It’s the perfect guide to vegan diet for busy people.


30 Day Vegan cookbook and meal plan

£ 19.99


A full month of plant based food made of simple ingredients.
100% vegan. No added refined sugar.

This cookbook includes over 40 delicious vegan recipes for smoothies, breakfasts and main meals. In addition to the recipes, it contains weekly meal plans and shopping lists for a full month of hassle free vegan food.


This cookbook helps you to cook vegan food for a whole month without having to stress about it. We all know that especially those weeknight meals can be a hassle when there is just no time or energy for food planning or advanced level of cookery. Therefore, this meal plan includes easy mid-week recipes and while the weekend meals might require some more time in the kitchen, they are still relatively easy to prepare. You do not have to be a seasoned chef to follow these recipes.


Even if you are not vegan nor planning to become one, we encourage you to trial these recipes to get some new ideas for your cooking and maybe to remind yourself how good clean, real food can actually taste. You can choose either to cook these recipes in a random order whenever it works for you or to follow the meal plans, maybe just for a week or for the whole 30 days. If you’re willing to give vegan diet a go but just need some help to plan your meals, then this 30 day meal plan is your perfect partner in crime. By following the meal plan for 30 days you will get a pretty good grasp of the variety of vegan foods and how it works for you.

The Antidote kitchen’s recipes have been designed to be the antidote (as the name suggests!) to the mainstream western food and to invite everyone to experiment with adding plants to their daily diets. All the recipes are 100% vegan to provide a real alternative and new ideas for a greener diet. The recipes are easy to prepare and therefore, we consider them perfect introductory dishes into a vegan diet (+they taste delicious too).


PDF/iBook version of this book

43 Original recipes including smoothies, breakfasts and main meals

4 weekly meal plans

1 meal plan for two days of raw food

5 shopping lists


This 30 day meal plan includes weekly menus and shopping lists covering all recipes from breakfast to lunch and dinner plus snack ideas optimised for a healthy daily nutrition intake.

The basic idea is to cook for two meals at once which means having dinner left overs for lunch the next day. This saves time, money and reduces food waste and makes the menu plan more realistic to follow and stick to. For mid-week breakfasts, we have planned nutritious smoothies which are super easy to prepare and for the weekends we’ve developed recipes for ‘sit down’ breakfasts.

The meal plan and recipes have been designed for two adults which means each main course recipe makes four servings (two adults get a dinner and a lunch for each from every meal). However, you can easily double or half the recipes if you cooking for one or more people.

We recommend doing groceries twice a week to avoid daily shopping but, at the same time to make sure you’ve got fresh produce for every meal. Therefore, the weekly shopping lists have been divided into two, one for the main shopping day of the week and one for a mid-week top up of fresh produce.


This meal plan has been created to be as easy as possible to follow with simple ingredients and cooking methods so you shouldn’t need any special tools or advanced cooking skills to follow this plan.

The only absolute necessity to have is a good food processor or a blender as you will be blending a lot of smoothies and making different dressings and pastes. Also, if you don’t spend your days at home, then you will need food containers to bring you lunches and snacks with you to work. What you need is a bottle for the smoothies, a lunch box for the main meals and a small bag or box for the snacks.

Finally, all the ingredients used in the recipes should be relatively easy to find however, if you are completely new to vegan diet you might have to navigate your grocery store a bit more at first to familiarise yourself with some of them. Just don’t go hungry and you’ll be fine!


30 Day Vegan cookbook and meal plan

£ 19.99

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