A new door has been opened… I bought a muffin tin! Yes, things have changed.. I mean, I don’t even bake and still, I’m loving this new muffin tin and
Mediterranean sweet potatoes
We are such huge fans of everything Italian here, and food definitely comes at the top of that list. We associate Italian cuisine with simple methods, classic flavours.. and red
Vegan pasta Alfredo
Here is a simple recipe to a pasta dish that I call vegan pasta Alfredo while being conscious that probably every Italian would argue that it’s not really ‘Alfredo’ if
Autumn Risotto
An easy trick to make risotto a little bit more nutritious is to use whole grains instead of the traditional white risotto rice. To make this autumn risotto I used


Saturday, 11 February 2017 by
Hey pasta addicts, this is the bomb! So simple (as pasta should be) and so comforting (as pasta should be)! It’s creamy with some mediterranean flavours and gentle spices, in

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